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A group of Southern women, The 9 Nanas committed themselves to their sisterhood and making the world a better place for others. For thirty-five years, their deeds were largely unnoticed as all giving was and continues to be done surreptitiously. All that changed with a few words by Lori Weiss, who writes the It Ain't Over series for Marlo and Huff Post. The response was tremendous, generating millions in unique page views, making it one of the most successful features to date.

Since the article was published in 2012, it also landed on AOL's Welcome Screen; was picked up by traditional news outlets; and has been shared on  social media by countless bloggers, schools, and religious groups around the world. To see the exhaustive list, visit Google.

The 9 Nanas' cakes have been featured in celebrity gift bags distributed to nominees of the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and American Music Academy Awards. Their wares have also been featured in Gena Berry's Charitable Productions: Taste of the NFL, St. Simons Food and Spirits, and Taste of Derby.


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