So what makes you happy? Is it smelling fresh flowers or hearing from a childhood friend? What about an unexpected bonus? These things are great. But for us, we get sheer satisfaction making happiness-happen for others.

Here's our story:

There are nine of us (4 sisters, 1 sister-in-love and 4 friends-by-love).  And each week we randomly select total strangers for the sole purpose of delivering a little happiness.

In the past we targeted two groups: widows and single mommies. We paid their utility bills, car notes, filled pantries and even purchased computers. It sure felt good, but that sort of drained our savings.

After re-grouping, we came up with this novel idea that allowed us to cover more ground. Since everybody appreciates the warmth of a grandma, we give the next best thing. We'd use our pound cakes as a vehicle to fund this on-going project. After all, the cakes are pure, organic and delightful—like a nana's love.  

Oh we've been called "earth angels" "angels without wings" "happiness-happens ambassadors" and even "fairy grandmothers" but that's not the case. We're just heeding Mamaw Ruth's words, "If you see a need, fill it." We've been at this for more than 34 years. And darling, with a bumper crop of sadness, it looks like we'll be doing this for a long time.

Nana Pearl

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